Energy Services

  • LEED Energy Modeling
  • Building Energy Modeling
  • Energy Compliance
  • Shadow Analysis
  • Solar Simulation
  • Location Analysis
  • Evacuation Simulating
  • Reflection Analysis
  • Visibility Analysis
  • Fenestration Analysis
  • Daylight Analysis
  • Light Pollution Analysis
  • Acoustic Analysis


Energy Analysis


Artificial lighting

Solar Radiation


Forced ventilation simulating - Temperature

Forced ventilation simulating - Wind speed

Natural ventilation simulating - Temperature

Natural ventilation simulating - Wind speed

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Emergency evacuation simulating

“May be they don't mind about saving energy (so don’t mind about energy simulation) and saving money is not a big deal with them (some people just have way too much money). They don't have to think about comfortable as well (so don’t need to simulate daylight, temperature, air, CO2, ... either). But people surely treasure their lives so just do emergency evacuation simulating. To SAO-EE, To safeness, To comfort, To Saving.”